Lynq Technologies

Embedded Systems Engineer

Full-Time | Remote OK

Who We Are

Lynq is changing how devices are connected by developing the world's leading peer-to-peer networking technology for IoT. Our software enables the only mobile, ad hoc, decentralized network that is long range, secure, low power and rapidly deployable with no need of infrastructure. Lynq's technology is optimized to embed into all device types and is suitable for an infinite number of applications across all IoT markets.

Lynq's customers are the world's top device manufacturers and system integrators that sell into enterprise and government. We license our software on a per-unit basis or integrated as part of a hardware module. Going forward, we are building out a distributed-cloud device management solution, moving us toward a recurring revenue model.

Lynq is led by wireless industry veterans and experienced startup entrepreneurs with multiple

successful exits. The team is distributed across Colorado (HQ), New York, and California.

Lynq has gained traction with sizable contracts in the military and public safety markets, and we're now expanding our sales efforts towards enterprise -- critical communications in the larger IoT market, covering applications ranging for robotics, to mobility, industrial automation,

and agriculture.

Who You Are

As an embedded systems engineer at Lynq, you’ll work with a driven and highly skilled development team to grow Lynq’s wireless capabilities in ways that have never been done before. You’ll be asked to innovate and flex your firmware engineering skills across a variety of embedded platforms. You should be comfortable with debuggers, logical analyzers, and ideally, spectrum analyzers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Contribute to team developing, testing, evolving, and maintaining the extensive software collection that comprises the core of the Lynq Network and the heart of everything we do at Lynq.
  • Design, develop, and debug firmware in wireless embedded systems, sensors, and related devices that are connected to multi-node networks via LoRa, BLE, DECT, and other wireless protocols.
  • Contribute to the Lynq Software Development Kit, our specialized collection of developer tools, libraries, and reference materials designed to make it easy for Lynq’s customers and licensees to incorporate the Lynq Network into their products.

Required Skills

  • Fluent in C and Python programming languages, proficient with software tools such as GCC and Git, and comfortable working with command-line environments across Linux, Windows, and MacOS.
  • Strong embedded programming skills, including demonstrated expertise in driver development, data structures, state machine development and interactions, device communications using SPI and I2C, and real-time operating systems.
  • Software testing experience, particularly unit and functional tests.
  • Familiar with laboratory test equipment used for developing embedded applications, including logic analyzer, oscilloscope, and debugging hardware.
  • Comfortable with agile development methodologies and tools, and in building products through a well-established software and hardware lifecycle.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. Ability to communicate problems and progress with the team, and both creating and reviewing relevant documentation.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Experience developing networking-oriented applications, platforms, or devices, especially radio frequency communications. Previously wireless expertise is particularly valuable.
  • Deep understanding of security-related aspects and best practices associated with embedded system development
  • Past work in customer-facing communications, joint development, developer enablement, and support is highly desirable, as Lynq’s success depends on helping licensees make optimal use of our platform and tools.
  • Knowledge of manufacturing aspects of device product development, including board bring-up and assembly line test and verification

Culture at Lynq

One of the most meaningful aspects of working in a startup is being able to build a great business with great people. Most of us at Lynq are here because of the fantastic individuals behind our powerful vision. Our team takes a central role in organization and the following principles of our culture demonstrate who we are as individuals:

  • Be your own CEO - Freedom with responsibility
  • Play like a Champion - No excuses, no complaints
  • Result Oriented - Focus on outcomes, not outputs
  • Deliver Magic - Technology for the world’s top innovators
  • Collaboration over Hierarchy - We’re all instrumental to our success
  • Learn More Faster - Be curious, humble, and ambitious
  • Bring the Best of Us - Good humans behind a great company